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Our products include

camera effects for stars and events

An effective new channel for offering official digital gifts for fans. Perfect for stars and events. Can include brand sponsorship. Sponsors get visibility when fans share their photos or game results in social media.

Autographed and personalized meet & greet fan photos

Fans get a memorable photo with the star including their autograph and a personalized message. Sponsors gain visibility when fans share their photos taken in front of a photo wall with the sponsor's logo.

Collectible & personalized digital items

Next level personalized digital products with an autograph. Products can be a digital twin to physical merch or something unique created for a star or an event.


Personalized video messages directly from stars to fans

Premium, highly personalized product for a fan. Can also be purchased as a gift for friends who are huge fans of a star.

Augmented music video

Fans get to enjoy an artists virtual performance wherever they want through the use of mobile augmented reality technology.

eligo.live Social Marketplace

Fans get to purchase and trade digital memorabilia using eligo.live Marketplace. And with the eligo.live Player they can view and enjoy the content in AR and VR.

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Watch a video showcasing the eligo.live features and see how it works for both fans and stars.

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